Happy Saturday! Today's Pay Per Click Tip Is About : SEO vs PPC

Does SEO matter? Well ... does gaining FREE traffic to your website matter? We all know that free traffic is great. But the problem is, is it REALLY free. With today's SEO algorithms, especially PANDA and PENGUIN updates of the last 2-3 years, the addition of social signals into the algorithm, engagement metrics having impact, and a wide range of other significant changes, you need a developer, a writer, an SEO person, a social media person, and more just to have an effective strategy. So should you have an SEO strategy? YES. Should you ignore the immediate opportunities associated with a properly built and optimized PPC campaign ... NO! Of course not. Although we do not specialize in SEO (anymore.. we gave that up like a bad habit), we do encourage our clients to have both a Pay Per Click and SEO strategy. If you need a referral to great SEO companies who can help you, we can always make those recommendations.

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