We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
"I've known Justin for about a year now and have learned that he is very good at focusing in on how his clients can leverage the various tools of online marketing to elevate their business. He is very smart and knows how to listen to your needs and then turn that into a custom based solution that can make a huge difference to your bottom line. " - Alexander Anaya NY Life Securities
Alexander Anaya
“Our Consultant was very helpful in tailoring our Google advertising program to our most important market opportunities. He set up a multiple of variables to test the effectiveness of existing campaigns and as a result helped us modify our strategy. His work has enabled us to better concentrate our advertising dollars where they will generate the best ROI. I would highly recommend his services.” - Dennis Tully Miniature Tool and Die, Inc.
Dennis Tully
“Our campaign manager exhibits a level of expertise and skill in the management and optimization of Google Adwords that reflects a true expert. He was able to construct and develop a program from the ground up that provided qualified leads to our practice. He also identified a methodology for producing low cost leads despite extremely high market ppc costs. We will likely be working with him in the future and would highly recommend his services.” - Alan Haft AlanHaft.com
Alan Haft
“You rock “n” roll animal! The phone calls and request for quotes from the web page have been good. Landed a big fish with Arctic Cat Snow Mobiles! A wide range of prospects from different industries are finding Anchor Harvey. We probably would have never found some of these potential customers if our site was not optimized! Thank you very much. Keep it going! Thanks, Tom
“SERVPRO of NWSA hired Justin to run our PPC for our franchise. He has been absolutely outstanding. He has extensive knowledge of Adwords and has been a great communicator. I had been through several companies looking for a ppc manager that would be flexible and help me achieve my ROI goals. Justin and his company has been able to provide that for us. We have been working on a dynamic campaign and we have seen some great success and I look forward to more in the future.” - Tim Clark, Joyride San Antonio
Tim Clark
Since taking over the AdWords campaign on our website, Justin's work has led to our cost per conversion almost halving in the past three months - amazing work. He is personable, agreeable to trying new campaigns, and is an integral part of our business success. His work is highly recommended.” - Jim Zambrano, Firstabroad.com
Jim Zambrano
“My company in San Antonio works with Justin and Hop 2 The Top regularly on digital campaigns and we are impressed with the work they do. The campaigns launch very quickly and we have regular communication with Justin to ensure everything runs smoothly. The results have been great and we thoroughly enjoy working with them. I highly recommend Justin and his company for any pay-per-click campaign management as they do a fantastic job.” - Cameron Schieldt, Texas Creative
Cameron Schieldt
"We (UltraVoice) hired Hop To The Top to raise our conversion rate while reducing cost per conversion. We set mutually agreed to targets which they met. I was very pleased with the outcome of the project and would recommend Hop To The Top without reservation, to anyone wanting to improve their internet marketing program." - David Baraff, Ultravoice.com
David Baraff
“After Dealing with Justin Gross for what is coming up on 4 years+ I can say he is the following: 1. Trustworthy beyond question 2. Ethical, even when it could cause him to lose business or a customer 3. Willing to do whatever it takes to assist in the mutual success of not only his business but yours. 4. Knowledgeable in his industry, yet not pride filled enough to know when he should recommended outside services other than his own if needed. “ - Arnie Roeland, Roeland Home Improvers
Arnie Roeland
“This has been a real find for our company. Our Consultant has produced real and sustainable results for our organization. He works independently without supervision on our part. He is timely with his analysis, reporting and results. The most profound praise I can think of is that he is clearly thinking of his clients, even when they are not thinking about him and it makes us feel confident and secure in his work.” Aladdin Steel, Inc. Michael Cooper IT Director
Michael Cooper
“Our Campaign Manager has been an excellent partner in helping us to achieve our goals for both search engine optimization. In the past few months, he’s done an excellent job of improving our overall click through and conversion rates. We also continue to experience significant improvements in our organic rankings. His work has freed up my time for other marketing initiatives that cannot be outsourced in the same way that these efforts could. We look forward to the continued improvements in our online marketing efforts through his help and expertise.” Luxury Bath of Northern Nevada, LLC Elise Ciarmella Marketing Manager
Elise Ciarmella
“Kudos, Kudos, Kudos!!! Those results are AMAZING!!! I’m going to recommend you to anyone who will listen.” Ray Balconis, Studioray.net
Ray Balconis
“I would definitely recommend Hop To The Top for all of your SEO needs. They have proven to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. They were able to get our website ranking from non-existent to the top 10 listings for a lot of our competitive keywords. We are very pleased with the results.” Law Offices of Frye and Associates Jeanette Ruiz / Marketing Manager
Jeanette Ruiz
"Justin from Hop2TheTop is a rockstar with Linkedin and AdWords! If there is one thing that Justin knows how to do its getting leads and ROI for his clients. I know a ton of people in the industry and a lot of self proclaimed "Linkedin Gurus" that don't know half of what Justin knows when it comes to generating consistent business from Linkedin. We've had many brain storming sessions together and I can say this. If you are on-the-fence about whether Justin can deliver, get off the fence and let Justin work his lead-gen magic for you. For every 10 to 20 marketing companies I run into, I maybe meet one that knows there stuff. Justin and his team are among the elite in their field."
Tim Dodd