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At Hop2TheTop your campaigns will be handled by an expert with a minimum of 10 years experience. That means a detailed, ongoing, and proven process combining advanced paid search optimization strategies as well as landing page tactics to set your campaigns on fire.

  • Decades Managing Paid Media
  • We're Landing Page Experts
  • We're Analytics Experts
  • We're Marketers!
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  • We Provide Detailed Reports
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A REAL Process For PPC Management

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Budget Management

Is your campaign budget being property distributed throughout the month, week, and day to maximize ROI? Is someone keeping a close eye on how fast you are going through your budget and where that money is going?

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Keyword Bid Strategy

Did you know that every type someone searches your keywords your ad is entered into a unique auction against your competitors? Without a GRANULAR bidding strategy, your campaign ROI will suffer.

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Competitive Analysis

Curious what your competitors are spending, keywords they are using, and what their ad histories are? We leverage the latest competitive analysis tools and find out.

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Quality Score Optimization

Quality Score is Google's algorithm (BING and Facebook have similar types of algorithms), which help determine how often your ad appears for the most profitable/competitive keywords, in which position, and how much you pay relative to competition.

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AD Creation

With as many campaigns as we've managed, we have a database of strategies we've tested over the years that works. This means we can generate immediate wins through implementing these strategies.

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Daypart and Demographic Analysis

Which days of the week and hours of the day are most profitable? Which age and income groups? We find out and optimize accordingly. If you aleady have targets for demographics, you can share that with us.

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Device Optimization

How do your campaigns perform for a PC audience VS Mobile audience? We evaluate this and adjust AD and landing page strategy based on these results. We'll also make recommendations if your mobile performance is sub par.

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Isn't it strange how after you view a certain type of product or service you all of a sudden see ads for that particular product/service everywhere? (insert evil laughter here) HINT: This is retargeting.

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Landing Page Optimization

We have several levels of landing page optimization, consulting, and testing services we offer depending on your particular needs. We normally start with a consult included in your campaign launch, and if you require additional help, we jump in.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. Who Will be handling my account?

Large Ad Agencies are often SALES BLOATED but drop the ball when it comes to process, infrastructure, and consistency. With us, we ensure your campaigns are handled by an experienced manager with 10+ years experience.

Q. What About Reports?

Reports are provided on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on what is agreed prior to engagement. Our PDF reporting is detailed, professional, and clear as to the RESULTS provided. No smoke and mirrors!

Q. Do you have a special relationship with Google?

Some companies will deceive you in their sales process by claming special relationships that allow for discounts or other biases in your campaigns. This is false information used to sell you. Yes, we have a Google Partner Certification, which is standard for our industry, and we do have agency level support to help with your campaigns.

Q. Are you experts at Quality Score Optimization?

Yes! We are. We know the ins and outs of how to optimize your campaigns to best practices in order to yield the highest potential quality scores, and hence lowest cost-per-click, highest CTR, and best results possible.

Q. How do you stop click fraud?

While Google has what they call "built in" mechanisms for preventing click fraud, ultimately some level of click fraud can always get through if not properly monitored. We utilize the latest in click fraud prevention software, and apply this to every client account, as well as continually monitor for anomolies during our manual optimizations.

Q. Will you be creating special landing pages?

Every client campaign is different. Landing Pages can be a band aid sometimes, and so if we can use your website effectively, or optimize from there we will. However, if landing pages are needed we will work with your developer, or optionally, you can hire us to build new pages from scratch.

Q. Will you research our competition?

Asbolutely! We use the most advanced competitive analysis tools to analyze your competitors and see what aspects of their campaigns we can learn from.

Q. Is There A Contract?

Our end goal is a long term relationship that works well for both parties. We have no need to lock you into a long term contract, because we believe if we are THAT good at what we do, we will keep your business for the long term. This is why we have many clients who have been with us for years, some over 10+ years, on month-to-month agreements for PPC campaign management.

Q. How do stay on top of things?

Surprisingly even large agencies can be extremely disorganized. We have learned over the years that the key to not letting any account receive less attention than it deserves is for us to stay extremely organized, using project management tools like basecamp and implement internal ticketing. Also, we utilize supplementary software to identify optimization opportunities, as well as have specific tactical teams to continually stay on top of your account.

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